About Airflow Singing Exercises

I’d like to share with you some ideas about airflow singing exercises that will help you understand what “breathing” when singing is all about.

A big problem that the majority of singers go through is they don’t understand how much they need to focus on the whole “support” thing.

When you do “get this” though, you will be able to move forward very quickly and begin singing at a level you never thought possible for yourself.

So let me tell you the biggest mistake people make with their singing…

Here it is: They think they need to do all these airflow exercises and have amazing control over their diaphragmatic breathing.

They spend a lot of time doing things like breathing exercises for singers, breathing in deeply, and then gradually letting out the air.


Here’s why this is a mistake.

Firstly, your diaphragm is already strong enough to support your voice.

You don’t need to exercise it more.

Also, knowing how and learning to breathe correctly for singing is only valuable when you can actually “tie it in” with all the other important singing elements.

So here’s the quick solution.

Instead of practicing airflow exercises, you need to do exercises that NOT ONLY help you understand how to support your voice, but also get your breathing working with the other important singing functions.

Ok, so here are the three main elements you must coordinate to sing well.

1. Your breathing or “airflow”
2. Your vocal chord coordination
3. Your vocal resonance

(this “resonance” things is talking about the way your sound flows through your throat and facial structure to produce a balanced sound.)

So instead of practicing airflow singing exercise, you must practice exercises that put these three things into harmony.

You see, it’s almost impossible to practice exercises that develop these three things separately, and then put them all together…

But if you know exercises that will automatically bring these three things into harmony, then you will improve quickly.

So having said that, what exercises will train your voice in these three areas all at once?

Well, there’s only one training that I would give my full recommendation to. And you can read about these exercises at this page: 

So quit the airflow singing exercises and check this out. 

It’s the fastest way to take your singing to a new, spectacular level.

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