Best Vocal Warm Up Scales?

In this video you get some of my best vocal warm up scales.

Run through these for 5 minutes and your voice will be sounding great and ready to perform!

You Have To Wake Your Vocal Chords Up!

Just like when you wake up in the morning and it takes a little while to get everything moving, it takes a little exercise to get your vocal chords moving too.

It's your chords that control and effect so much of your singing, so a nice gentle exercise will be the perfect warmup. Once you do it for a few minutes you'll notice singing will start to feel nice and easy, and there will be no strain on your voice.

The perfect warm up exercise is the lip trill. Watch the video above to see me demonstrate this exercise.

It's very easy and is one of the most effective exercises to use to warm your voice up.

Focus On Getting Your Sound Up Into Your Head

Because when you first start singing and your voice is cold, there is a tendency for your sound to sit back in your throat. If this is happening it will cause tension and strain because it encourages the swallowing muscles to tighten up.

So what you need to do here is focus on getting your sound up into your head and out of your throat. In the video you'll see me make a funny looking face that really helps with this.

As with most things, it's all about habits. So if you are in the habit of singing with your sound back in your throat, it may take a while (and some concentration) to keep your sound out of your throat and in your head.

Do it for long enough though and you will reprogram this new positive habit and your singing will get better and better!

The Best Vocal Warm Up Scales

5 minutes of the lip trill exercise is all it really takes to get your voice warming up and sounding much better.

Use the exercise on a easy scale. And after that you can also sing using the lip trill on a song.

Try this and enjoy how much easier singing becomes once you've warmed your voice up!

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