"The Best Way To Learn To Sing"

What is the best way to learn to sing?

A few of my vocalist friends have asked me this before, and I have thought about the answer for some time.

The answer I came up with is this: you must practice exercises that teach your voice to sing correctly... or singing with correct singing technique.

You see, anyone can make a sound with their voice and call it singing. But not everyone can sing with good technique, which ultimately sounds FAR better in the end!

If you are not entirely happy with your voice, it's probably a singing technique issue.

Once you master good vocal technique, you can bet that your voice will sound fantastic. And when you start singing with good vocal technique, there are some great bonuses...

Firstly, you will be able to sing over a large vocal range. Most voices are capable of singing three octaves at least if they are functioning properly.

You can do this because with correct singing techniques you will be "thinning" out your vocal cords as you sing high into your range.

This is a technique that isn't that common in most singers, because most singing instructors don't know how to teach it properly!

But it can be learned, quite easily too. You see, there are exercises that encourage this behavior in your vocal chords. They are simple exercises, but the way they have been created, they quickly teach your vocal cords to thin out as you sing higher.

It is this way that you are quickly increasing your vocal range in a big way.

In other issues such as how to sing with no tension, how to sing with sweet tone quality, how to perfect your vibrato, how to do faster licks and trills... it's the same situation.

It's the vocal exercises that you practice are the vital key to mastering all these issues.

There are great vocal exercises that can quickly teach your voice what it must do to master all the points I just mentioned. And there are also vocal exercises that encourage your voice to NOT do these things well at all!

That's the different between good vocal instruction and bad vocal instruction. That's the reason why so many singers never end up with the voice of their dreams.

It's not that their voice isn't capable of doing great things. It's because they are practicing exercises that are ineffective at teaching their voice to function properly.

Back to the initial question, what's the best way to learn to sing?

And the answer is: practice exercises that teach your voice to function with correct singing techniques.

"The Best Way To Learn To Sing"

Best way to learn to sing

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