Breathing Exercises For A Better Voice

Do you practice breathing exercises for a better voice? Let me tell you what I think of this controversial topic.

You see, I spent years practicing my breathing exercises. Over and over. Waiting for my voice to make that magical transformation...into the voice of my dreams.

And then it happened. That one special exercise that slid everything into place. That breathing exercise that transformed my voice completely.

Do you know which exercise I'm talking about?

Let me tell you.

The exercise was simply realizing that breathing exercises are not important when learning to sing.

They are actually damaging to your voice. In fact, using exercises deliberately to learn how to breathe correctly is the biggest myth in singing!

(That felt great to finally get that out)

And how do I know? Because I spent years aimlessly practicing these exercises. And when they didn't work, I would search for another vocal instructor, and sure enough... more breathing exercises!

Finally I started to wonder... is this really helping my voice'?

It wasn't until I discovered the speech level sing technique, when I realized that my gut feeling was correct.

Speech level singing teaches you to work on your singing tone. Which is where your sound is produced, at the vocal chords.

When you fix your tone making process, your breathing automatically regulates itself. You don't need to focus exercises specifically on breathing.

And when I started practicing speech level singing exercises?

My range increased by an amazing amount. And my tone improved drastically. And the MOST amazing thing?

Singing became easy... just like talking.

Singing, by many, is made out to be this mysterious thing that happens inside of you. You don't really know what happens, but it does, and some people just seem to be better than others.

This is FAR from the truth.

There is a logical black-and-white process that happens every time a properly trained singer opens their mouth. And A-N-Y-O-N-E can learn this process! To see what I mean, take a look at this page. These are the singing exercises that transformed my voice from being very average, to very good (if I do say so myself)

It's not because I'm a talented singer. It's because these exercises develop your singing voice correctly.

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Now I didn't really explain why breathing exercises are so ineffective. Remember how I said that breathing exercises can actually damage your voice?

Well... it's all explained in this article . Read it and find out why there's no such thing as breathing exercises for a better voice.

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