The Surprising Truth About "Breathing Techniques For Singing"

On this page you will learn the truth about breathing techniques for singing. And here's the thing... You may not expect what you're about to discover...

Now, many people believe that breathing is a very important aspect of singing.

And I agree, but only to a point.

What do I mean by this?

Well, it is important to breathe correctly when you sing. But what you shouldn’t do, is focus a great deal of time and energy on how you should be breathing.

You see, if you are practicing the right breathing exercises for singers, then the correct breathing follows.

I find that the best breathing exercises for singers are the ones that concentrate on your tone creation are far more effective than learning breathing techniques for singing such as “supporting” your tone, or “breathing from the diaphragm”.

Can I prove this?

Well, put it this way. When I began to practice good exercises that balanced my air supply for me automatically (instead of concentrating my energies on breathing correctly) my vocal range went from being a mediocre 1 ½ octaves to over 3 octaves.

All because I began to focus on creating my tone correctly (keeping my vocal chords closed through my range), instead of turning breathing into a large complicated event.

Now if you find this hard to swallow (which some people do-a large number of teachers still believe that “support” is the most important thing in singing. Even though there are massive amounts of evidence suggesting otherwise), let me show you where you can get a good, quick tutorial where you will learn everything you need to know about breathing techniques for singing. Click here to receive breathing techniques for singing.

But... Here's the thing.

I feel there is a better way to improve your singing...

Exercises That “Force” Your Voice To Sing Correctly

There are exercises that exist that are highly effective at “teaching” your voice how to operate correctly.

All you need to do is practice the exercises and pay close attention to the sensations that you feel.

Because when it comes down to it, that’s how you take your voice to the top level. You know how it feels to sing a certain note. And you use that sensation to navigate to that note when you need to.

That’s how you truly master your voice. You build up a large catalog of sensations. For example, you know what it feels like to hit a high C. You also know what it feels like to hit a middle C.

But to build up this catalog of sensations, you need to be introduced to them. For example, it’s not easy for everyone to hit a high C. So you need exercises that can show you how to hit the high C, so you can document what it feels like.

There is a collection of exercises that will introduce you to parts of your voice that you never knew existed. The exercises cover all aspects of singing, including more advanced techniques such as high notes, vibrato, and trills.

This collection of singing exercises are the most effective that I know of. If you would like to learn more, click here.

For me and many others, this way of learning to sing is FAR more effective than trying to concentrate on breathing techniques for singing. The exercises focus on the tone creation, and when this is happening, good and correct breathing automatically follows.

To learn more about this highly effective singing method, click here.

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