Just Who Is Brett Manning?

Just who is Brett Manning?

How can a "superstar" vocal teacher with countless Grammy winning students help you with your voice?

And how do I know him?

You may recognize Brett as the somewhat flashy vocal instructor who is the creator of the famous “Singing Success” vocal instruction program. But where did Brett Manning come from? And what did he do before “Singing Success"?

I had my first experience with Brett a few years ago. At this point, Brett wasn’t very well known on the internet… his “singing Success” program was still in its infancy...

Offline, in the “physical world” Brett was a very highly regarded singing instructor, who taught out of a small studio in Nashville.

Now, you may already know, Nashville is an artist driven community, that is sometimes called ”the musical capital of the world”.

Brett had built a long list of prestigious clients, such as 10-time Grammy award winning artist Mark Kibble and internationally known country artist Keith Urban.

But the question is, what was Brett doing before all this?

Well, Brett Manning actually started his singing life where I started, and maybe you too.

He completely and utterly struggled with his voice.

In fact, if you check out his main website, you will notice that in the first few lines, Brett Says “After being turned down cold for a singing telegram job for singing happy birthday…”

Those who already know Brett’s singing methods will instantly recognize Brett’s honest, care-free and usually entertaining way of teaching the voice!

Early on, when Brett was really struggling with his voice, he bounced around from teacher to teacher like most singers do, just hoping that someone may have answers. At one point, he was fortunate enough to bump into (possibly the greatest vocal teacher of all time) the very highly regarded Seth Riggs.

Seth Riggs is the creator of the now very-famous vocal technique called the “Speech Level Singing” method.

“Speech Level Singing” is a break-through method that allows singers to use their voices with complete vocal freedom, a large vocal range, and excellent, balanced tone quality through their whole range.

While Brett Manning was studying with Seth, several other big-name singers were starting to pay attention to this exciting technique too...

Singing superstars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson began to study with Seth and completely “free” their voices with this amazing new technique.

Brett also was feeling the benefits of “Speech Level Singing”. His vocal range grew to over five octaves, and before he knew it, he had completely mastered his voice.

But he began to realize something even more important to him. Not only did he have a great talent for singing... But he also had an even bigger talent for teaching.

He then joined Seth’s personal group of elite vocal instructors, and began teaching the world about this incredible new vocal technique.

Brett Manning went on to become a five star speech level singing associate for Seth, one of the most highly respected vocal teaching titles on the planet. To receive this kind of recognition, Brett studied the intricacies of the Speech Level Singing method for over ten years.

There came a point though, where Brett wanted to help even more people around the world to “free their voices”.

It was then when his vision of the “ Singing Success ” program was born. A massive collection of the most powerful speech level singing exercises, compiled in a way that is so simple, that anyone can understand and benefit from the technique.

With this vision though, came sacrifice.

Unfortunately, the idea did not harmonize with the vision of Seth’s Speech Level Singing teaching staff.

As I understand, Brett Manning and Seth Riggs respectfully parted ways; both acknowledging each others different direction.

And since this point, the Singing Success vocal instruction program has gone on to become the most effective set of vocal instruction ever recorded. It has helped literally thousands of people all around the globe “free” their voices. 

I personally study with the Singing Success program every day. And the transformation that has occurred in my voice since beginning, is so big, my voice is now barely recognizable from what it once was.

Brett Manning has gone on to create another vocal program completely dedicated to developing an excellent “vocal vibrato”.

The vocal instruction courses Brett has created are truly groundbreaking. They are empowering vocalists all over the globe to discover exactly how their voices work at their absolute best.

So where will Brett Manning go from here? No matter where it is, he is to be commended for the tremendous service he has done for all singers. To make these (once secret) vocal techniques available to anyone, is highly appreciated by me and many others.

Will there be another vocal program in the future? I hope so!

Actually, I’m sure there will. My experience with Brett is he is absolutely thirsty to unlock the potential of as many singing voices as possible.

To learn more about the ground breaking vocal courses that Brett Manning has created, click on the blue link below, and you will be directed to his main singing website.

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