Classical to Pop/Broadway sound without Damage

by Cynthia

I have trained as a classical singer for many years. I think I've been lucky enough to have very good technical teachers who taught me to sing without strain and to bridge my registers so my voice sounds in one piece.

Currently I can sing 3.5 to 4 octaves dependably, and I can sing all of Charlotte Church's repertoire and have a tone similar to Haley Westenra or Charlotte Church. (I've also sung coloratura stuff, but it's not my passion...).

I'm not complaining. It's fun to be able to sing that way and with that repertoire BUT sometimes I'd like to "belt" a Broadway song, or get more of a harder contemporary sound without damaging my voice. Right now, my harder "belting" range is only one measly octave on a good day (g below middle c to g above), and if I push it, that wrecks my easy transition to other 'registers'.

Is there a way that I can sound more 'Broadway/Pop" without totally ruining the lyrical sound I've already got? (I'd also like to work my vocal range lower if possible, but that's another topic!).

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