Feeling The Beauty In My Singing

by Timothy
(Raymond, ME, USA)

I have this feeling inside me that I could be amazing with my voice. But when I open up to sing, the beauty of that desire never comes out of my mouth.

When I force that feeling out vocally, the high, beautiful notes I want to hear never come out the way I "feel" them inside, but sound terrible and forced. I want to sing higher and powerfully without tone problems and shaking.

From The Editor

Hi Timothy, it certainly sounds like you're on the right track with your singing!

One of the first steps to achieving something is seeing it happen inside your mind first.

And let me tell you, this beautiful singing is within you. You are capable of achieving it.

The reason you're not quite able to get the same sound as you hear in your head is just that you haven't yet developed the skill set to deliver this sound.

A beautiful singing voice is a result of developing great technique. When someone sounds wonderful it's because of the way they are physically producing the sound.

So if you're not liking the sound your producing, it just means you need to make some changes to the way you're physically producing your sound.

Once you have developed this skill set, your ability to visualize what you want to sound like will be priceless. This is because you WILL have the ability to make what happens inside your head a reality.

All of those amazing things. Beautiful tone quality. Long and high powerful notes, immaculate control...

... The answer to ALL of these things come down to producing your sound correctly... with great vocal technique.

So how can you develop this technique?

Well, its a matter of practicing exercises that will get your voice functioning in a correct manner.

Here's a great place that contains some video exercises from one of the worlds best vocal coaches.

Practice these exercises often and you WILL open your mouth and hear that wonderful sound come out!

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