Free Easy Online Singing Lessons

In the free easy online singing lessons below you'll learn how to remove the strain from your voice when you sing.

This will improve your range, tone quality, and flexibility you have in your voice.

Watch this video below to learn from Hollywood vocal coach, Roger Burnley, as he teaches you how to remove strain from your voice.

To learn more about Roger and his methods,

As you see in this video, Roger discusses how the swallowing muscles around your neck play a huge role in how much tension you feel when you sing.

Also, as these muscles interfere in the singing process, your voice box is moved out of place. This causes your air to be "cut off" which means your singing range, tone quality, and freedom is going to be affected.

When you can learn to sing without these muscles interfering, your vocal chords will be able to adjust easily, allowing you to hit whatever note you want, whenever you want.

To learn how to do this, try practicing along with the exercise that Roger teaches you. Some of the tips to remember are:

  1. As you sing higher, imagine your vocal chords getting "smaller".
  2. When you sing, make it a habit to listen to your sound at a point in your forehead. This will both keep the sound positioned correctly, and also help you to improve your ability to sing on pitch.

Roger Burnley is a very successful vocal coach and has taught the likes of Macy Gray, Brandy, The Beastie Boys and many more. His advice is incredibly valuable if you want to improve dramatically as a singer.

He's made many of his techniques and singing exercises freely available on this page.

If you want to become a great singer, be sure to take advantage of his years of experience! His free easy online singing lessons will take you to the next level very quickly indeed.

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