Free Online Singing Lessons -How To Discover Your Mixed Voice

Here's a few free online singing lessons to help you discover your upper vocal range. More specifically, your mixed register... the exciting middle link that ties your voice together.

The mixed register is what separates the average singers from the great...

How Do I Develop My Mixed Voice?

The answer is 'learning to sing at speech level'. This is the best way to develop your mixed voice. Because 'speech level singing' is basically 'correct singing'. It is a method of teaching that will allow you to sing with no strain, from the bottom of your range to the top. And no dramatic changes in tone quality.

In case your wondering, anyone can develop a great mixed voice. This is not something only talented singers have the pleasure of using. All you need to do is learn a new muscle coordination.

That's what the mixed register is! A different muscle coordination. And there are exercises that specifically teach your muscles exactly how to do this..

Here's What You Do To Sing In Your Mixed Voice

As you sing from your lowest note to your highest note, there comes a point when it feels difficult to continue to sing higher. This point, known to some as "the break" is actually the beginning of a passage way.

At this point a average singer will "break" into a light, fluffy tone with no power. This is known as "falsetto".

But for a speech level singer, a remarkable thing happens...

His/her vocal chords form a different coordination. The vocal chords "zip" up, becoming shorter in length. This change suddenly makes it easier for the vocal chords to vibrate faster, which means it's easier to sing a higher note, with no strain!

And even more remarkable, the resonance splits. This means that half of the sound vibrates in your head cavity, and half in the mouth.

It is this "split" that let's you maintain the power of chest voice (chest voice is your lower range).

See, if you break into falsetto, it's hard to allow some of the sound to resonate in your mouth, therefore you lose power.

So... You must develop your mixed register! It is the only way to sing those high notes with the power of chest voice, without losing your tone quality.

It is a very important free online singing lesson.

If you'd like to learn how to apply this lesson to your voice, click here for a free video course that shows you how to develop an amazing singing voice.

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