Free Online Vocal Warm Ups...

These free online vocal warm ups will remove all that nasty vocal tension that makes singing so uncomfortable!

I'd like to share with you an exercise that could actually change the way you think about singing.

This is an exercise that can be used to warm up your voice. Now when you first read the instructions you may think "hey that's not a mind-blowing exercise that's going to change my voice!"

And I do agree, from the initial reaction, this exercise seems nothing special.

But let me tell you... stick with the explanation, because there are some powerful reasons that this exercise is indeed very special. Reasons that will truly unleash your voice.

Ok, first I'll tell you what the free online vocal warm up is, and then I'll explain why this exercise is so effective... Remember; make sure you read the explanation!

Here it is...

Using the words one, two, three, four, sing a simple five tone scale.

Meaning, sing in your easy range, one, two, three, four, one, two, three, four, one...

And so on...

Now here's the piece of information you need to make this exercise powerful.

You don't actually 'sing' these words... you speak them on pitch.

So when you sing (or talk) the word "one", it's like you're in conversation, and hitting a note with the word. And then two, which you sing a note up... still like you’re talking, but you've changed the pitch slightly...

Just stay with me for a moment...

Let me explain why this exercise can improve your singing voice out of sight

The most powerful aspect of this exercise is... it allows you to understand how you are "supposed" to sing

You see, when you sing, it should be as close to talking as possible.

Most people, when asked to sing a song, will really try to sing it! Meaning they change the way they hold themselves, they change the way they hold their chin... the way they open their mouth, and how much breath they use.

They think that singing is different compared to talking. But this isn't so...

There are differences, yes... but singing and talking actually aren't so dissimilar. Truthfully, singing and talking are brothers.

That's why using this simple free online vocal warm up, you can really discover a lot of things about your singing.

For example...

You will realize how much air you need to engage your vocal chords... Is it more or less than what you usually use to sing?

You will also feel the ease that should be felt all the time, no matter what song you're singing...

You will get the feeling of your vocal chords being closed. Now pay attention because this is a VERY important point.

Have you heard singer's that have a really breathy sound when they sing? This is happens because they aren't closing their vocal chords completely when they sing.

But when you talk... is it airy or breathy?

In most cases no... Which is because the vocal chords are being held closed.

So this free online vocal warm up really teaches you how to keep your vocal chords closed.

Practice this exercise in an easy range, keeping it as close to talking as possible. Do it for an extended time, and you will realize how effortless singing really is.

Don't blow this exercise off because of it's simplicity. That would be a big mistake. Use this exercise frequently, and each time, pay close attention to the sensations that you feel in your mouth, head, and chest.

Feel how there is no tension at all. And feel how everything feels very conversational and easy. This is how singing is supposed to be!

Now... how about some free online vocal warm ups to help you learn how to sing high notes, with ease?

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