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Here are a few free online voice lessons. These lessons are highly effective and will help you sing with total vocal freedom. As well as this, these exercises will help you to sing in a range beyond your wildest dreams, with tone to match!

Let's get started...

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How To Release Vocal Tension

This is a very simple exercise to release vocal tension. Actually, it's more a to supplement singing exercises that you already do. Here it is...

When you approach a high note,or note where you think "I'm not going to hit this note" OR "This is going to strain my voice",you bend over at the waist. If you time it just right, you will hit the difficult note right at the bottom of your journey downwards.

Doesn't this sound so simple that it couldn't possibly work?!

Well, to prove it, you must try this exercise. Go on. Give it a shot.

Sing a song that has a difficult high note. And when it comes time to sing that note, bend over at the waist, and feel the release.

The reason that this works, is the feeling of gravity pulling you downwards is enough to distract you from the high note. The muscles that usually choke and strain your voice are distracted too, and will sit perfectly still.

So give it a try! I promise you will love it...

Click here for a free video series that teaches you how to release vocal tension

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How To Sing With This Relaxed Feeling... All The Time

Now you've tried the bending exercise, are you addicted to that wonderful relaxed feeling that it brings? I know I am!

What if you could sing with this relaxed feeling all the time? Well, it's your lucky day...

Speech level singing is a method of training that will help you sing in this relaxed way. In fact, your highest note will become as easy as when you speak!

You see, in the above exercise, there is a reason that singing becomes so easy all of a sudden...

When an average singer wants to sing a high note, it's common for his/her swallowing muscles to become involved in the process. Nobody knows why this happens, it's just an instinctive reaction. Like when someone takes a swing at you... You immediately put your arms up to block the blow...

The point is, these muscles restrict your ability to sing.

You can never sing in your full vocal range while these muscles are active. You also will never get the sweetest vocal tone that you are capable of.

But what if you could train these muscles to sit still, even when you are singing your highest note?

This is what speech level singing will train you to do. And in doing so, you will increase your range by notes. Many notes. You will also have so much more control when you sing. And your tone will be thick and rich. This technique can help even a not-so-talented singer become a voice-master.

And how do I know that? Because I myself, was a terrible singer when I first started! After training with the speech level singing method, I've developed a strong, powerful voice, with plenty of range. I still can't believe the way I sound when I hear myself!

Click here for a free singing course that teaches you how to sing in a relaxed manner

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