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Want to improve your voice out of sight? Read on to discover ENTIRELY free singing lessons that will increase your vocal range, sweeten your tone quality, and make singing as easy as talking.

Would you like to hear about an extremely valuable set of free singing lessons?

They are only a few clicks away.

And they are entirely free, but amazingly powerful.

This valuable resource that I will introduce you to in a moment, includes a free online singing lesson video that demonstrates singing exercises that can help you to "form a bridge" in your voice, and float up easily to hit high notes.

Let me ask you this...

Would you think it's possible for you to sing an octave above where you can sing at the moment? If you're not sure what an octave is, it's eight whole notes. That's a lot of extra range...

Think of your highest note now, and think how much of a strain it is to hit that note. Now imagine that at this point, your voice finds it easy to hit the note above it. But that's not all, you can go another note higher... and another... until you're singing eight whole notes higher!

Believe me. It's entirely possible. And I can prove it to you. Read on...

In the free singing lessons that I will momentarily point you to, it shows a male singer, under the direction of a world famous vocal instructor, increase his range by over an octave. When I watched this for the first time, I almost fell off my chair!

But here's the best part...

The exercise that gives this male singer the singing tools to climb his range.. it's a peculiar exercise, but so easy to do! I can do it, and I'm positive that you can too.

And the exercise simply dissolves any vocal tension you normally feel, while building a bridge so you can travel into your upper range. (You may not even realize that you have an higher vocal range yet!)

There's just one more thing I need to tell you before you head off and discover this excellent free singing lesson.The exercises that you're about to discover... they are the beginning of a singing process called speech level singing.

Speech level singing is easy to learn, and is designed to allow your singing voice to function exactly how it's been designed. This means that when you sing, the correct singing muscles are engaged in the correct order.

When you can sing at speech level, you can sing with astonishing vocal range (I can easily sing over three octaves), with pure, rich vocal tone. And the more you practice speech level singing, the easier it becomes to control your voice. Each note, whether your lowest or highest can be hit with the same effort as it takes to talk.

Learning speech level singing is like converting your voice into an instrument.

Imagine sitting at a piano for a moment. You don't have to strain and reach to hit a high note on a piano do you? Of course not! You can press the highest note with no added effort.

This is how your voice is designed to sing, and this is what speech level singing can teach you.

Ok, enough stalling. It's time for you to access these incredible free singing lessons.

Here's what you need to do.

  1. Go to this page
  2. When you get there, cast your eyes to the right hand side of the screen
  3. Follow the instructions to sign up for the free newsletter"
  4. Once you've entered in your email address you will automatically be redirected to the members area. Once inside, you can access the free online video that demonstrates these exercises.

As an added bonus, you will also get the free singing report that will be emailed to you over nine days. These are extremely valuable free lessons that discuss some important things such as---

  • how to increase your range
  • how to reduce tension when you sing

And keep your eyes peeled for the mystery 10th free singing lesson!

Click here now to improve your voice with these excellent free singing lessons!

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