"This Free Vocal Exercise Will
Sweeten Your Tone Quality"

This is a free vocal exercise designed specifically to sweeten tone quality. It will also allow you to feel comfortable with your high notes. Conveniently, it is very easy to do, but very effective.

So here's what you do...

Use the word "wee" and sing on an octave scale, starting it from the top.

If you don't know what an octave scale is, don't worry, you can sing this free vocal exercise on any notes to get the same benefit. Just take a song you like, and instead of singing the words, use the "weee" sound.

The word "wee" has the automatic function of directing your tone into your head cavity. This is what's known as your "head voice". It's a softer, sweeter tone quality.

Can you notice how the sound seems to vibrate through the top part of your head? I sure can!

This "head resonance" is what you use to sweeten your tone quality. When you're singing with good technique, you always send a proportion of the sound to your head.

When you sing low notes, you are singing with less head resonance. But there is always at least a little. This will make your voice sound balanced, as well as rich in tone quality!

Teacher explaning vocal exercises

One more hint....

If you find yourself breaking into falsetto (a light sound, with no power), add a "G" to the sound. So instead of "Wee", you sing "Gwee". This sound will help your vocal chords stay together, so you are singing in a connected voice.

This free vocal exercise is part of the speech level singing process.

Speech level singing is the most effective way to learn how to sing. It trains ONLY the correct muscles needed in singing.

These are the inner muscles of the larynx. By isolating these muscles and really working them, they get SO strong that you can sing incredibly high notes, with absolute ease.

There isn't a more effective method of training. And as you saw earlier in the free vocal exercise, it's easy. It's not brain surgery.

The exercises are simple, easy to make sounds. Behind this simplicity though, is a very deliberate and powerful process. The exercises lead into one another in a very specific way, with the end product being the voice of your dreams! Click here to learn this powerful method now!

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