Effective Free Vocal Warmups

These three free vocal warmups will begin freeing your voice---and help your vocal chords become flexible and efficient.

Warming up the voice is an important part of singing. Just like running, or playing sport, there are muscles that must be warmed up to be able to sing at your best.

It's interesting that when people sing, they forget that they are using certain muscles to form particular coordinations.

The more efficient these muscles are, the better you will be able to sing.

Which is why you must warm up the muscles first, so you can sing at your best...

... So here are some of the best free vocal warmups!

Ok, this one is very simple, but must be used, just to begin your vocal warmup. It's simply humming on a scale.

Here's how you do this exercise. Firstly, Close your mouth, and rest your tounge on the bottom of your teeth (the tip of the toungue).

Now make a "mmmm" sound.

Go on, do it now! "MMMMMMMMMMM"! It's kind of like the noise you would make when enjoying a good meal!

You should feel vibration in your mouth, your nose, and your cheeks.

To use this exercise, you can make this "MMM" sound on a simple scale, or you can use a simple song, and hum the melody.

What ever you do, you don't need to hum complicated, challenging music.

Doing this exercise will begin to warm up your inner larynx muscles. These are the muscles that control your vocal chords when you sing---and are the most important muscles used in the singing process.

When you have done this humming exercise for a while (maybe around 5 minutes) it's time to work on a slightly more challenging warming up exercise... So let's move on...

Click here to watch a video of this warm up technique I've just showed you

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