"Good Singing Tips"

Here are some good singing tips to help your singing voice to sound fuller, richer, and more consistent.

Try the exercises and see what you think. Do they make your voice sound better? You will know in a moment!

The first of my good singing tips is about getting through the area most singers call “the break”.

The break is the part in your voice where everything seems to fall apart. You sing up to a certain point, and then past this point, your voice “breaks” and goes into a softer, airy tone quality. (This new vocal quality is called falsetto)

My good singing tip will help you sing smoothly through this point in your voice. And when you reach the other side, you will be in a *connected* “mixed voice".

Now, when you move into "mixed voice", your vocal cords have actually “zipped up”, forming a new muscle coordination. In this new muscle coordination, your vocal cords have shortened, so now less area of the vocal cords are vibrating.

When your vocal cords shorten in this way, you can easily hit higher notes, past your “breaking point”.

Now, it’s a little hard to explain in words the exercises that will help you do this.

But don’t despair. I would like to point you to what I think is an amazing free resource.

It’s a free online singing video. It goes for around fifteen minutes, and it includes some of the most effective singing exercises I’ve ever come across. They are so effective that you can actually watch a male singer “burst” through his previous “breaking point” and reach a note over an octave higher than his previous high note.

This has to be seen to be believed.

These exercises are the beginning of what’s called the “speech level singing method”. This method is world renowned for creating vocalists with tremendous singing ranges, and wonderful “free” voices.

The instructor in the video is one of the best vocal instructors in the world. Many of his students have won several Grammy awards.

Here are the instructions to receive these good singing tips.

Click here for the good singing tips

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