High Vocal Warmups

Powerful high vocal warmups that will give strength to your high notes, and allow you to hit your highest note with no strain at all.

To hit high notes, you need to learn how to shorten your vocal cords. Shortening your vocal cords is a muscle coordination that will allow you to access extremely high notes, with no strain at all.

If you try to hit high notes by stretching or pushing your voice, it will never sound as rich or thick as it would if you shortened the cords. It's also very uncomfortable to strain and reach for high notes!

After saying this, what exercise can help you warm up your voice, AND begin to shorten your vocal cords and hit high notes easily?

Well, I'm about to tell you. But before I do, I want you to realize something.

This exercise may seem simple. But when I started to practice with it, my vocal range increased by over an octave! That's the power of this exercise.

So be sure not to quickly dismiss it! Practice this exercise frequently and you will be greatly rewarded.

So... introducing the exercise...

Such a simple exercise, and can be done by almost anyone...

The name of this exercise is... drum roll please... "The Lip Roll". And it's the most effective of the high vocal warmups that I know of!

Here's how you do the lip roll.

Firstly, put the tips of your finders on your cheeks... One either side of your mouth so if you push in, you can feel the tips of your fingers finding the spot where your teeth meet.

Now, hold this spot down on both sides, so you’re 'holding up the weight of your cheeks’.

Now blow like you would at the end of a hard day's work. Brrrrrrrrr!

Feel your lips vibrating? And also making an odd bubbling sound. That's good. That's how its' supposed to sound.

Now, under this lip bubbling, you need to make a sound with your voice. You need to add a slightly dopey sounding "Ahhhh".

It's important to keep the sound dopey, because this holds your voice box in the one position, and keeps your voice relaxed.

Now use this sound, and sing some notes that take you high into your range.

...Isn’t' that INCREDIBLE!!!

It's so easy, so effortless. It's just as easy as talking.

Once you master these high vocal warmups you will continually improve the efficiently and flexibility of your vocal cords. You can increase your vocal range by literally octaves with this simple exercise.

If you haven't got it yet, or don’t quite understand my explanation... don't fret. You can watch a video demonstration on this page. Just look on the right hand side of the screen and click on the button that says, "Sign up for the newsletter."

Once you do this you will have immediate access to an online singing lesson that demonstrates this exercise so you can perfect it for yourself.

Make sure you master these high vocal warmups! You will be AMAZED at how fast your voice will improve!

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