How Can I Teach Myself To Sing?

Are you asking the question: how can I teach myself to sing?

If so, you are like me. :)

I was asking the same question a few years ago, and since then I have developed a singing voice that other music lovers compliment me on all the time!

So I’d like to give you a few pieces of advice that will help you discover your singing voice and it’s full potential.

The first tip I’ve got is very important. This tip is to not judge your singing voice prematurely! Many people who want to learn how to sing think to themselves…

“I’m not that talented, therefore I can’t be a very good singer”

This is simply not true. I personally have little singing talent, yet I managed how to sing in a way that makes me sound like a talented singer.

And you know what? Many singers are like this!

So no matter what stage of your singing development you are in at the moment, realize this: You DO have what it takes to develop the singing voice you want.

The key to becoming a great singer is to develop great vocal technique. And this comes down to something even more important. The singing exercises that you practice.

You see, unfortunately there are many teachers out there who do not know how to get the best out of your voice.

They may be great singers themselves, but here’s the thing. Great singers usually don’t make great teachers.

It’s the teachers who have struggled themselves but somehow found a way to become a good singer that can teach you the most valuable information.

Take me for example. I used to suck at singing.

And I mean REALLY suck!

My father actually used to say that I sounded like a wounded animal when I sung! I joke about it now, but I used to be VERY discouraged about my voice.

I had all the technical problems you can imagine.

I used to strain to reach my high notes. My voice would become sore and hoarse after a few minutes of singing. My tone quality was terrible!

Yet now I am able to sing with beautiful tone quality, and in a completely effortless way. And I also learned how to expand my vocal range so I can now hit sky scraping notes easily and with great tone.

Here’s the thing that changed my vocal life around. (And it definitely wasn’t talent!)

After asking myself how can I teach myself to sing over and over again, I discovered a highly effective method of learning to sing. A process that actually “forced” my voice to sing with excellent technique.

It sounds strange, but there are certain exercises that can force your voice to operate in a “technically correct” way for singing.

And when you practice these exercises over and over, your voice begins to “drop” the bad habits and begin working the way it was designed to.

So if you are asking yourself the question:

How can I teach myself to sing?

The answer you’re looking for is a series of exercises that can automatically program correct singing technique into you. Once you do this, you will be able to sing with a large vocal range, have incredible pure vocal tone, and it will all be easy and effortless.

If you’re interested in the vocal lessons that transformed my voice from very poor to very good, you can learn about them here.

If you have asked the question, how can I teach myself to sing? These exercises will give you your best chance at great success!

Good luck!

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About The Author

Roger Burnley - Vocal CoachRoger Burnley - Vocal Coach

Roger Burnley is a vocal coach located in Hollywood, California. He has been teaching the voice for over 30 years and singing for even longer than that. 

His clients including Grammy Winners, Broadway Performers, Movie Stars, Rock stars, Finalists on The Voice and American Idol, and many thousands of singers ranging from beginner to professional level.  

Notable past and present clients include Macy Gray, Brandy, Ray J, The Beastie Boys, James Torme, Taylor Lautner, Nona Gaye, and many more. 

His clients have collectively sold more than 30 million albums, with several reaching Platinum and Gold status. 

Roger has been featured on VH1, TV Guide Channel, TV One,
and MTV appearing as a vocal expert.

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