How To Exercise Good Voice Control

by jason
(south africa)

I can't keep my song simple. I want to sing notes that is not part of the song and go off key.

Is this wrong?

Answer From Editor:

Thank you for your questions Jason. What you're describing here is actually a good thing!

It sounds like you have the ability to create and improvise when you sing.

The tendency to change things up and improvise probably means that you have a lot of creativity, and feel the need to express yourself as an artist.

What this means is that you may not just be a singer, but also a songwriter.

You may enjoy playing around with the idea of writing music and melodies as well as just performing other people's songs.

Of course, when you are performing other songs you have not written yourself, there may be times when you will need to stay disciplined.

But for the most part changing things up and putting your own spin on the song is a good thing.

Part of becoming a singer who stands out means developing your own style. So when people hear you sing, they instantly know it's you.

So definitely embrace this urge you have to explore different ideas. Sing outside the "set" pathway for each song.

Do so, and you'll become a more unique, recognizable and compelling singer.

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