How To Improve On A
Weak Singing Voice

by Allie
(Rhode Island)

My voice is really weak and I can't hit any high notes. I find myself singing with my throat even though I know I'm not supposed to.

How do I strengthen my voice, increase my vocal range, and sing without straining my throat?

From The Editor

Thank you Allie for these wonderful singing questions!

The fortunate thing about your situation is you have a LOT of improvement in your singing to look forward to.

Some improvements in your vocal technique are going to really help all the things you've mentioned.

The first thing to work on is to stop singing "in your throat" as you mentioned. As you have probably guessed, this is effecting your tone quality and ease of singing in a bad way.

To begin to correct this, try singing a song you know well... and as you do, place your hands on your cheeks. Focus on getting the sound above your cheeks as you sing.

This will immediately take a lot of the strain off your voice, and you should hear more pleasing resonant qualities in your voice.

Now, as you seem to have some bad habits, don't expect everything to fall into place at once.

For example, as you've been involving your swallowing muscles in the process for a while, your high notes won't come instantly.

Be patient with it though. Concentrate on hitting your high notes with medium volume (to make sure you aren't pushing your voice), and with your hands on your cheeks to keep the sound up in your head.

Also, if you sing "down" into the note on your higher notes, you'll find that will help you stop "reaching" for those notes.

Above all, continue to practice correct technique and persist. This is the key.

Watch the videos on this website to get singing exercises that will help you build a correct foundation, rather than trying to make your current technique work for you.

And enjoy the singing journey ahead!

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