How To Improve Your Singing Voice Dramatically

Never be intimidated by another singer again! Here are some effective methods of how to improve your singing voice that will help you...

1. Increase your tone quality

2. extend or increase your vocal range

3. gives you the control of a pro...

Singing can sometimes look much easier than it is! I'm sure you've experienced singing with that terrible feeling of tension in your throat, maybe your chin, and who knows where else!

I think the best way to show you how to improve your singing voice, is to address this issue of tension.

How Can You Sing Without Vocal Tension?

Vocal strain or tension, is basically caused by a two step procedure. Firstly, you apply incorrect pressure to the vocal chords, through bad breathing techniques.

Because of this, all the incorrect singing muscles in your throat and chin etc, jump in to try and save the day! They try to hold your vocal chords in a correct singing position, but they can't...

The key to overcoming this problem is to practice exercises that will regulate the airflow to just the right amount.

When this happens the troublesome muscles that are causing you all that nasty tension, will sit still. Your vocal chords will flutter freely and your sound will be easily produced.


When you learn to relax these tension causing muscles, the correct muscles for singing will take over. The inner muscles of the larynx are far more efficient at controlling the vocal chords!

You will find that singing this way will give you access to a much larger singing range, and your tone will improve out of sight.

Here are a few short tips to show you
how to improve your singing voice

If you find that you always feel a great deal of tension when you sing, I recommend you never practice your singing sitting down.

It's much harder to have correct airflow singing this way. It's much better to sing standing up, with your shoulders relaxed.

Also, when you breathe in, you must be wary that your shoulders are not being lifted. This is a sign of incorrect breathing.

There is a method of singing called speech level singing. This method is the most effective way of learning to sing.

The exercises are carefully designed to automatically regulate the airflow, without having to concentrate on how you are breathing! When I began to study the speech level singing method, I immediately began to sing with far less tension, and my range also increased.

You see, when you start to regulate the airflow correctly, you will find that there are many more higher notes that you can access! This is because your vocal chords begin to zip up as you sing higher into your range. (just like zipping up a pair of jeans!)

When this happens there is less of the vocal chords free to vibrate. This means it's easier for them to vibrate faster and produce higher notes. But....

... This can only happen if you can regulate that airflow!

So there... a few methods of how to improve your singing voice. Basically, performing exercises that regulate your airflow will improve your singing voice tenfold. It will get rid of the tension, improve your tone, range, and control...

... What more could a singer want?!!!

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