How To Increase Your Vocal Range

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For most people, singing is tough.

They can make a sound with their voice, but they are not really using the right muscle coordination’s. Therefore they don't sound great.

In particular, for most singers, when it comes to making a more advanced muscle coordination (such as traveling into their upper vocal registers), their voice falls apart.

99% of singers do this! This is why I, and maybe you had a very limited range in our voice.

To learn how to increase your vocal range, you must learn the muscle coordination’s that allow you to sing in your higher vocal registers. These registers are called---

  • head voice
  • and mixed voice.

The only way to do this is to build a solid, correct foundation. If you are engaging the correct singing muscles in the correct order, then when it comes to making an adjustment in your vocal cords, and moving into a higher note, your vocal chords can automatically adjust.

So How Can We Build A Solid, Correct Foundation
And Sing Stunning High Notes?

The only way to do this is to learn how to sing with correct technique. Now don't get worried, this is not a complicated thing!

All it means, is you must practice the vocal exercises that will develop this correct foundation. And begin teaching your vocal cords how to make the different vocal coordination’s that will allow you to sing your head voice, and mixed voice.

That's it. The right vocal exercises will train any voice to sing with correct technique. And show your voice how to increase vocal range.

The wrong vocal exercises will never allow you to ever extend your vocal range.

So where can you find the right training?

The very best singing technique is speech level singing.

This method uses exercises that train very specific muscles, located next to your vocal cords. These muscles called the "inner muscles of the larynx" ...and once developed will give you a strong, wonderful sounding voice... with a large vocal range, and a consistent tone from your lowest note to your highest.

The exercises are in some ways, genius. They engage only the correct muscles for singing, and develop them so they become highly efficient, and skilled.

The best thing about this method is the exercises are easy. Anyone can do them. All you need to do to develop a great voice is follow the procedure, and practice the exercises often. This is how I transformed my voice from being very average, to quite outstanding....

Follow this link and investigate the very best online vocal program, and learn how to increase your vocal range, easily and in quick time. Some of the exercises in this program have the potential to increase your vocal range by over an octave almost immediately!

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