How To Sing Better In 5 Minutes

Would you like a simple exercise that will show you how to sing better in 5 minutes or less? 

It sounds too good to be true, but try the exercise I show you in this video below and see what happens to your voice. 

The results can be nothing short of miraculous! 

Why Is This Singing Exercise So Effective?

As you hear me discuss in the video, one thing that most singers suffer from is what I call "scooping". 

This means that the sound is falling too far back in your throat when you sing. When this happens, your voice box can be moved out of place, which in turn will cut off your air supply. 

This then cuts off your sound degrading the quality of your voice. 

Luckily There Is An Easy Fix!

Fortunately this "scooping" issue can be easily overcome with a few simple exercises. 

Firstly, in the video above I show you an exercise you can practice where you focus on having a "clean" attack. 

This keeps your sound from falling back in your throat and you will notice you sound instantly better when you use this!

Try Singing With Your Hands On Your Cheeks

Another thing you can do is place your hands on your cheeks and then focus on keeping your sound above them. 

This is also very effective and helps keeping your voice from this "scooping" effect.

Try It. The Results Might Surprise You! 

There are few worthwhile things in life that can be achieved in a few minutes. But this just may be one of them. 

Practice the simple exercise in the video up the top of this page and you will find your voice improve quite dramatically. 

And if you would like to watch a detailed video series where I take you through all of the concepts and exercises you need to develop a fantastic voice, click here. 

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