How To Sing Better Instantly

Wouldn't you love it if you knew how to sing better instantly?

Wouldn't it be great if there were a simple exercise that could "snap" your voice into place so you immediately had a much more beautiful sound coming out of your mouth?

Well, as unlikely as that seems if you watch this video you will learn such an exercise!

It's the ultimate "2 minutes to a better voice" lesson!

Getting Your Swallowing Muscles Out Of The Way Of Your Singing

Perhaps the most important thing you can ever do to improve your singing is get your swallowing muscles out of the way.

These are the muscles that cause you strain, restrict your range, and make your voice sound terrible.

If you learn to sing without them coming down, you are on the way to having very good singing technique.

That's the reason why the exercise shown in the video above is so important. It's the best exercise for removing these muscles from the singing process.

Put Your Thumb Under Your Jaw

To begin the exercise you need to put your thumb under your jaw. This is how you can tell how much your swallowing muscles are interfering in your singing.

Don't be surprised if you feel a lot of movement in them as you sing. This is very common, even among singers who've been singing for a long time.

With your thumb under your jaw, deliberately swallow so you know what it feels like when these muscles come down.

How to sing better instantly - remove the swallowing muscles from the process.

Now, watch the video above and then use the words "Ney, ney, ney" to sing along with the exercise. As you can see from the video, really exaggerating the Ney sound will help get your sound to come through without engaging your swallowing muscles.

Once you've practiced this on the scale demonstrated above, it's time to take a song and use the exercise on it.

You can use "happy birthday" like in the video, or you can choose any other song that you enjoy singing or want to learn.

If you do this a few times you will understand what parts of the song are more difficult from a technical standpoint. These are the parts where you feel your swallowing muscles trying to get involved.

When this happens, really exaggerate the "Ney" sound and try to get through the passage without the muscles coming down.

The more you practice, the better things will get. Also, you'll very likely find that when you first learn a song it's going to be more difficult to get through it without tightening up.

As you practice it a few times, you'll develop the muscle memory so you can sing it without any strain.

Now Sing The Song Normally!

Once you've gone through it a few times using the exaggerated "Ney" sound, go back and sing it normally. You'll be pleasantly surprised when more of your natural tone comes through. Things feel easier. You sound much better.

This happens because you're training yourself to allow your sound to come through without your throat and swallowing muscles clamping down on it.

This Is How To Sing Better Instantly

If you use this simple exercise as a ritual when you first begin to learn a song, your singing will continue to improve. Your voice will get better and better at relying on the muscles that control your vocal chords, and not the muscles that help you swallow food.

As I said in the beginning, this is one of the most important things you can do for your voice. From here you can train your voice to hit low and high notes more easily, find your most beautiful and rich tone, make your voice more flexible, and much more.

We have a premium singing lessons series that takes you through doing exactly this. Sign up to this series for free and you'll be able to improve all aspects of your voice.

And be sure to use the exercise we've just discussed to begin training your voice to sing with excellent vocal technique. It really is how to sing better instantly. Give it a go and have fun!

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