How To Sing Falsetto Without Cracking

Would you like know how to sing falsetto without cracking?

When you want to high nice high, beautiful notes and have no fear that your voice will fall apart, there are a few important things you need to know.

In fact, what you're about to learn will help you hit high notes both in falsetto as well as your full voice. Best yet, everything will be smooth and easy.

Watch this video below to learn how to do this.

The Biggest Thing That Will Hold You Back
Is "Pushing Up" To Get The Note

As you see in the video, the biggest mistake you can make is to try and "push up" or "reach" for those higher notes.

The reason this is a mistake is it make you push your larynx (your voice box) upwards too. This puts your entire voice out of place and cuts off your air supply.

When this happens you get that embarrassing moment when your voice falls apart.

Here's How To Avoid The Embarrassment!

Instead you need to "reverse your thinking" so instead of pushing up for the note, you are pulling down.

As well, when you hit the high note try to "release" into it. Watch the video for a demonstration of this as it's much easier to understand by watching rather than reading.

Here's How To Sing Falsetto Without Cracking

In the video there is a simple scale you can sing along with. Try this and as you're doing it, think about "pulling your note down" as well as "releasing" into the high note.

You'll see that once you practice this for a while you'll be able to sing up to these high notes very easily and smoothly.

You will never get that "falling apart" situation and you'll maintain a nice balanced tone.

Of course, there are many more things you can program into your voice that will dramatically improve your technique. We have a free premium video series that you can watch that takes you through the best exercises and techniques.

Doing this will open up your range, give you much more control, allow you to hit notes perfectly in tune, give you more power, and better tone. In short it helps you become a much better singer! To take this free series, click this link.

And be sure to practice the exercises demonstrated in the video. They will help you sing both falsetto and in your full voice without cracking or breaking.

Have fun!

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