How To Sing High Notes In Chest Voice

Would you like to know how to sing high notes in chest voice? 

Would you like to be able to hit your highest notes, but instead of them sounding thin and airy, they sound big and powerful? 

There is a very specific way to do this. If you watch the video below I'll show you exactly how as well as how you can develop this quality in your voice. 

As I mentioned in the video, the most important thing if you want an upper range that sounds like your chest voice, is to develop it. 

What most singers do is try to "push" their chest voice higher than it can go. This is a recipe for disaster! Doing this will blow out your voice and cause you a lot of strain and pain. 

Not to mention, if you simply try to push your chest voice higher it sounds "forced" and "pinched". 

How To Sing High Notes In Chest Voice? There Is A Better Way! 

When you hear singers with those spectacular high ranges that sound like they have plenty of those "chest" qualities in it, here is what they are doing. 

They are singing in a "mixed voice" which is a blend between their head voice and their chest voice. 

In the video above I showed you how you can begin to form a blend of your chest and head voice, so you can start to get those powerful high notes. 

Pull Your Head Voice Down Into Your Chest Voice

Sing in your head voice and "pull it down" into your chest voice.

The main concept is that when you sing up there, "think" that your pulling your head voice down into your chest. 

By singing in your head voice but "pulling it down" into your chest to get more of a blended sound, you will begin getting those qualities that make your voice full and powerful. 

Try practising the exercise in the video above and see if you can begin to experience a blend between head and chest voice. 

Remember, if you feel yourself straining or pushing for those high notes, you're doing something wrong. This probably means you're trying to push chest voice upwards.

Instead you need to be pulling your head voice down into your chest voice. This will maintain balance in your voice and you'll find you'll be able to sing in a relaxed manner with no strain at all. 

Practise, Patience, Persistence

Developing a powerful upper range is maybe the most desirable thing to a singer. Trust me, I deal with singers on a day to day basis and it's one of the things I'm asked about most! 

But it's also the thing that takes the most patience. 

With some singers it's as easy as "flipping the switch" (by that I mean changing their thinking so they are "pulling down" instead of "pushing up"). 

For others though it takes a while for the concept to fully sink in. Which is why if you just keep practising… keep thinking about the idea of "pulling down" and "singing down into the note". 

Continue to understand that the moment you "push up" you are doing something wrong. 

If you keep all of this in mind, one day it will click for you and from there it's just a matter of practising to understand how to sing high notes with a chest voice quality to it. 

In my opinion, it's well worth the effort. 

When you get in front of a crowd and watch their amazed faces as you belt out an incredible high note you will know it was all worth while. 

And if you'd like to develop all parts of your voice and transform it into a beautiful, powerful instrument click here for my free video workout and get some of my best lessons (that I usually charge a lot of money for!) 

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