How To Sing High Notes With Power

If you want to know how to sing high notes with power, good news. You're about to learn 2 techniques that will give you much more volume without having to strain or push for the notes.

These techniques took me several years to learn, but you can have them both within 2 minutes!

Pushing Up To Get The Note Is A Recipe For Disaster

If you're "pushing up" or "reaching" to try and hit your higher notes with power, the chances are you are going to have quite a sore throat the next day!

This is the most likely way to strain your voice, because it causes your voice box to move up too.

The goal is to always have a stable larynx when you're singing. So as demonstrated in the video above, it's a much better idea to "pull the note down" instead of reaching up.

It's a subtle change and it happens mostly in the way you think about how you're singing. But when you try and "pull the note down" you'll feel that immediately it's easier to hit your higher notes with much less strain.

Put Your Hand On Your Stomach

When you're "pulling the notes down" if you put your hand on your stomach you'll notice it come out as you're doing it. This is because the "downwards thinking" technique is helping your whole body connect and work as one as you sing.

It means that you will have more diaphragmatic support which is another way of saying more air. On top of that, it's a sign that your voice is using correct technique to produce the note!

Focus On Your Sound Being In The Middle Of Your Forehead

Now, you may not be able to do this immediately because you'll be focused on the other concepts. But once you have a hold of them and able to do them without thinking too much, start to focus your sound into the middle of your forehead.

This is very helpful because it both helps you hear your voice and hit each note in perfect tune. But also it will get your voice out of your throat.

When your sound gets stuck back in your throat it's another trigger for your swallowing muscles to interfere and move your voice box or larynx out of place.

This in turn cuts off your air, causes strain, and makes everything about singing difficult!

Practice Persistence Patience

Follow the three P's and you will get how to sing high notes with power. 

Begin by concentrating on pulling your sound down as you sing your high, powerful notes. And have your hand on your stomach and see how when you pull the note down correctly you will have plenty of diaphragmatic support.

Whereas if you're pushing up to get the note, this support is almost non-existent.

And once you're doing well with this, focus your sound into the middle of your forehead. This gets your vocal placement working correctly. And as I previously mentioned it get's your sound out of your throat.

These things may seem a little tricky when you're reading them. But as you watch the video you will begin to understand better. And as you practice along with the video and experience it for yourself, you will get it.

Finally, if you'd like a full workout that improves just about everything about your voice, click this link. You can sign up for the free workout and watch it immediately. Before long you'll have much more range, much better tonal quality, and you'll have much better control over your voice.

You'll also learn more tips about how to sing high notes with power.

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