How To Sing High Notes Without Straining

Would you like to know how to sing high notes? Better yet, without having to push and strain for them (getting a sore throat in the process!)

Being able to sing easily in your higher vocal registers is a crucial skill as a singer.

It will help you become much more dynamic, exciting, and flexible.

And the good news is anyone can improve their vocal range. In many cases quite dramatically.

First, watch this video to get all the most important concepts.

The Key To Singing Higher

When it comes down to it, there is just one thing you must do to sing high notes easily, and with great tone quality.

And if you don’t do this thing you will forever struggle with your voice.

Ready for it?

Here it is…

You must learn to use your body correctly to produce your high notes.

It sounds simple right?

Here’s the thing: There is a correct and an incorrect way to sing. If you are using your body correctly, high notes will become easy. If you are singing incorrectly, it will be impossible to hit your high notes with ease.

There Is Always More Vocal Range To Be Experienced

In almost every case there is more range you have within you.

With 99.999% of singers, there are things happening that prevents you from reaching your highest notes.

Unless your singing technique is literally perfect right now, you have much more vocal range to tap into.

Learn To Shorten Your Vocal Cords

As mentioned, when you use your body correctly, you will be able to access much higher notes with rich tone quality.

Now what singing “correctly” means when it comes to singing higher, is to allow your vocal cords to shorten as you sing higher.

Think of it like playing a guitar. If you want to play a higher note, you “fret” the note which makes the string shorter.

In the same way, when you sing up through your range, your chords can actually “zip up” and become shorter in length. When this happens they can vibrate faster and produce higher notes.

Letting Go Is Crucial

A lot of singers will really “push” their voice as they go into their upper range.

You can hit higher notes this way, but you loose the quality of your voice and you’ll wear it out quickly as well!

To sing your high notes correctly, and have your chords shorten as you sing higher you need to actually “let go” as you sing higher.

A technique you can use to do this is to think about letting go when you go for your higher notes. Your brain is so powerful that it has the ability to follow this instruction.

Remember that you don’t need to “try” to shorten your vocal chords. When you “let go” or “release” into your higher notes, your brain will automatically shorten your chords to the exact length needed to hit the note.

The Lip Trill

An excellent vocal exercise that will help you practice singing into your higher range without straining, is the lip trill.

In the video up the top of this page, there is a demonstration of this exercise. If you practice along with it you’ll notice strain will fall away from your voice and you’ll find it much easier.

This exercise will show you how to sing high. Simply practice it daily and you’ll begin to feel what it’s like to sing high without introducing strain into your voice.

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