How To Sing In Head Voice

Would you like to know how to sing in head voice? 

Watch this video and I'll show you how the head voice fits into your voice, as well as how to use it most effectively.

Chest Voice, Mixed Voice, and Head Voice

As I discussed in the video within your singing voice you have three different qualities you can sing in. 

Your chest voice which you hear more of in your lower range. Your mixed voice which is where you are blending both your chest voice and your head voice together. And then your head voice which you will hear more of at the top of your range. 

I also talked about how what you want to be doing is having a mixture of these qualities throughout your range. This is what is going to give you a really balanced sound. 

So when you're singing in your lower range, in your chest voice you can still bring a little head voice into it to give your voice an extra sweetness to it. 

And when you sing in your upper range you can bring a little chest voice quality to give you more power.

Let's Talk About Your Head Voice Specifically

In the video above I demonstrated how you can start to "bring in" head voice into your sound. And when you watch me demonstrate you will hear how as I do it, it brings some lovely sweetness into the tone. 

One of the easiest ways to begin to do this, is when you go up for your higher notes, just "think" to your self that you're pulling your head voice down into the note. 

It's something that you don't need to force and once you practice it a bit it gets a lot easier. 

When you begin to be able to navigate your voice mixing the different voices at will your voice will become much more balanced and professional sounding. 

I created a video series that takes you through this, as well as many other keys to great singing. You can get it for free by clicking here. 

And be sure to practice the simple exercise I demonstrated in the video above and you will really understand how to sing in head voice. 

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