How To Sing Like A Pro Instantly

Would you like to know how to sing like a pro instantly? 

By this I mean be able to create a pro sound with your voice, have a wide vocal range, and great flexibility in your voice? 

One exercise that really helps with all of this is called "isolating". 

When you learn how to "isolate" you can really free up your voice, so you can hit notes with much more freedom as well as get the best possible sound from your voice. 

It will also help you do pro sounding licks and runs too! 

Here's a short video where I demonstrate the exercise. 

The Key To Isolating

As you can see when I practice this exercise in the video everything is staying really still. 

My mouth doesn't move around (like a lot of singers do). And I'm really taking out all of the muscles that aren't needed for singing. 

It takes a little practice to get to this point, but you'll find that if you do a few minutes here and there you'll start to experience being able to "isolate". 

If you haven't watched the video above yet, I really encourage you to do that now as it can really help to watch a singer practice it.

You will very likely get a much deeper understanding from watching it than reading about it!

Unlocking Your Best Singing Voice

If you want know how to sing like a pro instantly, the thing that will get you there the fastest is by getting everything out the way that's blocking your voice. 

In my 20+ years of teaching thousands of singers a few things have become very clear. 

1. Everyone has a great voice! 

2. If you're not sounding how you'd like to sound it's because there's something in the way that's blocking your best sound from coming through. 

And once you remove these blockages your voice will begin to sound fantastic. 

The "isolating" singing exercise is a great place to start. And if you'd like a video series that takes you through the most important singing concepts, as well as exercises that will help you develop a great voice, click here.

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