How To Sing Properly – The Lip Roll Exercise

If you want to know how to sing properly there is one singing exercise in particular that will cause dramatic improvements in your voice.

The name of this exercise is the “lip roll”. Some people also call the exercise the “lip trill”.

It’s very possible you’ve seen this vocal technique used before, but there are most likely some aspects and “invisible tricks” that you haven’t noticed.

On this page you will learn these things, and how to use the exercise to cause impressive improvement in your voice.

Before we get into it, realize this. If you were to practice this exercises and only this exercise for 15 minutes a day…

… You will hear a very noticeable improvement in your tone quality… and you will be able to navigate your vocal range much easier. It really is a phenomenal little singing technique!

Let’s get started by watching this video demonstration.

Tip #1 Getting The Lip Roll Started

In the beginning, if your technique isn’t the greatest it can be a little challenging to get the lip roll started.

A trick to help you get things going is to place your hands and hold your cheeks up. Watch the video above for a demonstration of this.

Now, as you practice the exercise more and more you’ll notice that you’ll have less need to use your hands on your cheeks.

What this means is your swallowing muscles are starting to sit still when your singing… This is a sign that your technique is improving and your voice is on the right track!

When your singing technique is solid you won’t have any need for your hands at all.

As a side note, this exercise really does teach you how to sing properly better than just about every other exercise… So don’t be surprised if before long you’re singing without the hands!

Sing Through Your Vocal Registers More Easily

Another thing you’ll notice as you learn how to sing properly with the lip roll exercise, is you’ll be able to sing up through your vocal range more easily.

Instead of there being noticeable gaps between your lower notes and your higher notes, this exercise will create a smooth transition. After a while, people won’t be able to hear any difference in tone quality throughout your entire range.

Tip 2# How To Sing Properly

To practice this technique properly, you need to imagine that your sound is above your cheeks.

This will keep everything in position and your sound flowing through your body correctly.

It also keeps your sound from falling back into your throat, which in the long run will cause you lot’s of problems!

Tip 3# Stop Reaching For Those High Notes

Another little singing tip to use while practicing the lip roll exercise is to “think” you’re singing down into the note as you sing higher.

This is another little trick that will keep you from “reaching up” to your higher notes.

Remember that to sing your highest notes, all that needs to happen is a little vocal chord adjustment. So there is no need to “point” your body upwards to reach that note.

If you “think” down as you go for these high notes, you’ll keep your body in position and your vocal chords will automatically make the adjustments necessary to get that note.

Practice Away!

The lip roll really is a powerful exercise if you want to know how to sing properly.

Practice it for 15 minutes a day and you’ll be amazed at the progress you make.

There are a few other equally powerful exercises that will also have a dramatic impact on your voice…

And you can learn these exercises in an excellent free video series. To watch the video series, click the link below:

Click Here To Learn How To Sing Properly

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