How To Sing With Confidence

by Iona

I am really nervous singing to people can anyone give me any tips?

From The Editor

Thank you Iona, confidence is a very important topic when it comes to singing.

There are a few different ways of discussing this one...

First of all, as you mentioned you feel nervous when performing in front of an audience.

This is actually perfectly normal. And further, it's actually preferable!

When you're performing in front of people, whether it be singing, talking, or acting it's a natural response to feel nervous or anxious.

If you did not feel this it would be a little concerning as it would probably mean you didn't really care about the result from the performance.

What this nervousness is, is energy. And this energy is flowing through your body to help you perform at your peak.

The best thing you can do is embrace these feelings... think to yourself, "this is my body preparing to help me deliver an amazing performance".

You'll find that when you do this, this nervous feeling may transform into excitement...

Which is going to be quite thrilling for you!

So that's step one. Embrace the feelings you get before you sing in front of people. Realize it's perfectly normal, and going to help you deliver a great performance.

Now, the second thing to consider is this.

What will really give you confidence going into a performance is knowing that your capable of giving a great performance.

If you're nailing it in rehearsal, you'll feel really confident in repeating the performance onstage (especially if you follow the earlier advice).

Now, getting to the core of this, you need your vocal technique to be in a solid place.

This is going to give you the platform to nail a singing performance. It will help you hit the high notes, and difficult passages with no trouble.

Vocal technique is a whole other topic, but there are many videos and articles on this website that will help you get your technique together.

Here's the summary:

1. Embrace the energy that you're feeling before and during a performance.

2. Develop a solid vocal technique so you feel confident of delivering a great performance.

Good luck!

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