How To Sing With More Control

If you would like to be able to sing with more control in your voice, the tip I'm about to share with you will really help. 

When you can control your voice and get it to do exactly what you want it to, singing becomes much more fun.

Because there is nothing worse than going up on a stage and not knowing what's about to come out of your voice! 

Here's a video where I will introduce you to exactly how to start controlling your voice.

As you saw me discuss in the video, so much of singing is to do with your thinking.

What you "think" directs your vocal chords which in turn controls how your voice sounds. 

For example, the exercise I demonstrated showed you how you can start to control the vibrato in your voice.

Just by "thinking" that I was adding a little more tension into the vocal chords the vibrato disappeared and the tone smoothed out. 

And then every time I slightly backed off of the tension in the vocal chords, the vibrato began to come through again.

To Learn To Sing, Learn To "Think" The Right Way

There are many of these little tips that will help you get much more control over your voice and also start to get the best sound out of it. 

Another little example is if you want to hit your higher notes with more control and less strain, you can "think" that you're singing "down" to the note instead of up. 

If you would like to learn several of these little "thinking" tips along with their exercises you can register for a free singing video series that I've put together for you. 

To get the free video series and get more vocal lessons on control, click here. 

Good luck with your voice and I hope you have learned how to sing with more control from following these tips! 

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