The Fastest Way To Improve Singing

There is one thing you can do to improve singing that will help more than anything else. Can you guess what it is? Let me clue you in… It’s learning to sing without using your swallowing muscles.

If when you sing your swallowing muscles are engaging, you will immediately lose tone quality, vocal range, and most importantly…

… Freedom in your voice!

This one topic if you master it will have a miraculous effect on your voice.

Ready to tackle it? Watch this video to learn how to sing better.

What Are These Pesky Swallowing Muscles Doing?

The biggest problem with these muscles “coming down” as you sing, is they cut off your air.

When this happens you will naturally push harder to get the sound you need, which throws everything out of balance.

Have you ever had a singing session where by the end (or even days later) your voice is sore and hoarse? This is the result of engaging your swallowing muscles

How Can You Create Sound Without Your Swallowing Muscles Coming Down?

The trick to removing these troublesome muscles from your singing voice, is to practice exercises that will condition your body to sing without engaging them.

As you’ve just seen in the video, using the word “Nay” and singing on a simple scale can help with this.

While you’re doing the exercise, put your thumb under your jaw so you can feel when the muscles are becoming active. Then experiment with your sound and “feel” how you can create it without extra help from the muscles.

Remember to use medium to low volume when you sing up to your higher notes as you practice this singing exercise. If you’re in the habit of letting your swallowing muscles feature in your singing, using a lot of volume will make it almost impossible to let them go.

Is It Worth The Effort?

Put it this way. If you’re singing with lot’s of interference from your swallowing muscles, you’ve got good times ahead!

When you train your voice to operate without this interference, all of a sudden you’ll experience your true voice. You’ll notice your range will expand (quite dramatically at times), and your tone will improve singing.

And best of all, you’ll be able to sing for hours on end without getting tired. If you want to improve singing, it’s a must that you get this issue handled.

To get some wonderful videos that will help you master this, click the link below.

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