"How To Improve Vocal Range"

Speech level singing is the most effective way to improve vocal range. This technique takes tension off the voice, making singing as easy as speaking. Also, speech level singing is known for it's ability to extend a singers range beyond belief!

Here's why this technique is so effective....

Speech level singing trains the muscles inside your voice box (inner muscles of the larynx) to hold together, through your entire singing range.

As well, the swallowing muscles that surround the larynx are taken out of the singing equation with some very special techniques.

These swallowing muscles, if engaged, will stop you from ever discovering your full vocal range.

When you learn to sing without your swallowing muscles, good things will happen. Your inner larynx muscles will develop extremely quickly...

Which is great because these are your real singing muscles. They are super efficient at controlling your vocal chords, which is why it's not uncommon for speech level singing students to report enormous increases in range!

Allow your inner larynx muscles to function properly (by training the swallowing muscles to sit still), and you will:

  • Erase all vocal strain
  • Improve vocal range (by a lot.... sometimes octaves)

So... to improve vocal range, here's what you have to do.

Use the muscles that are supposed to be used for singing... and dis-engage all the other muscles... the ones that cause all that nasty vocal strain, limit range etc.

This is the best way to improve your vocal range. Your super-efficient inner larynx muscles, if undisturbed, will help you sing better and higher than you can imagine....

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How to improve vocal range.... out of sight...

A powerful, wide vocal range is probably the most sought after singing quality. It is exciting and gives you more freedom to express yourself.

It's kind of like watching the basketball player that has an amazing vertical leap, or the golfer that can drive the ball hundreds of yards. People love hearing those stunning high notes!

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