Can You Learn To
Improve Your Vocal Range?

Is it possible for you to improve your vocal range?

Good question.

It’s strange… I remember being very confused about vocal range… I knew I wanted to sing higher notes than I already could. But, I didn’t know if it was possible…

I remember the very day that I consulted my vocal instructor about this. It was very stormy that day. I drove my car with rain coming down in buckets. The thunder was so loud that my ears were actually hurting!

I arrived at my singing lesson with only one question on my mind. “How do I improve my vocal range?”

My teacher was quiet… In a soft voice, he muttered, “Sorry Geoff… it’s just not possible to for every singer to hit high notes.” “If you work at it though… you may add a few notes to your range over time.”

Learn to improve your vocal range

My heart sank. As I drove home, the pitiful weather perfectly described how I was feeling.

All I wanted was to have a really good singing voice… maybe a great one. My dream to become a stunning performer, and move audiences to tears seemed far far away…

Fast Forward To Now...

The story I just told you is now a distant memory.

It’s a true story that happened to me around two years ago.

Since then, I have learned the secrets to a truly great singing voice. And it’s probably not what you think.

Sure, you have to work at it. And yes, you need to be patient. But to have a truly great singing voice, you don’t need to be an extremely talented singer.

Also, to improve your vocal range to a very impressive three octaves, you don’t need an excellent talent either.

So what do you need to improve your vocal range?

You need to learn to sing with correct vocal technique. You need to engage the correct singing muscles in the correct way.

And it’s not hard.

I did it, and there was a time where I thought I never would be able to. My voice used to be “stuck in a rut” where it wouldn’t seem to get any better.

But after practicing exercises that corrected my technique, things began to change.

Quickly, I discovered that I had a whole lot of vocal range that I never even knew about.

This previously “invisible” vocal range came easily after I discovered how to *connect* to my upper vocal registers.

And this all happened because I began to practice exercises that installed correct technique into my muscle memory.

As I said earlier, it’s not hard to do. You just need the right exercises, that’s all.

The same exercises that I used to transform my singing voice are available online. You can investigate these special vocal exercises by clicking here.

Almost immediately, these exercises will:

  • Help you connect to your upper vocal registers, allowing you to improve your vocal range by a long way.
  • Eliminate the vocal tension when you sing, making singing as easy as talking.
  • Teach you to navigate your voice with ease.

These exercises did more good for my voice than any other vocal instruction.

If you are struggling with your voice as I was, I highly recommend you check them out. Just like me, you can turn your vocal struggles into a distant memory.

Click here to learn to improve your vocal range, and improve the quality of your tone

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