How To Begin Improving Vocal Range Now

Improving vocal range can be easy. Most singers don't know this. Most singers find it a long, hard struggle that can end up in a great deal of vocal strain too.

This is not funny. I know, as I have been in this same situation.

I tried for many years to begin improving my vocal range. And I failed many times. But then I discovered that with an effective method, improving vocal range can be done, quickly and easily.

For me it was kind of like this...

Four years of struggle and torture for my voice, with around two notes added to the top (but were painful to reach).

Then, after some great vocal instruction...

And two months of practicing these new and effective exercises...

An increase of over an octave on the top of my vocal range!

These two months were some of the most exciting times of my singing life! I discovered that singing *can* and *is* supposed to be fun and easy.

And since these two months, my voice has become stronger and I have added even more notes to the top of my vocal range.

I can now hit some extremely high notes in a powerful, clear and beautiful tone.

So how did I achieve this?

Well it's actually a long story, but I'll give you the shortened version.

You see, I've studied with many vocal coaches. Each one had new ideas of how the voice works at its best. But there was one thing that all these coaches had in common.

They could only help me advance by taking mini "baby" steps. Another year would pass, and my voice still had the same problems.

I then turned to reading books and listening to audio tapes.

I have a large collection of these, you should see them!

After a few long and expensive months of searching I finally came across a set of audio tapes that produced amazing results in my voice.

The exercises were like none I'd ever seen or heard of (and were rather peculiar!), but boy, did they transform my voice!

And all the vocal tension that I would normally sing with, slipped away, until my voice was completely free and effortless.

This set of audio tapes was a really big turning point for me. I want you to benefit from them as well. I think every singer should have a copy.

And now you can watch these lessons online for free. Click here for the free video series that transformed my voice.

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