How To Increase Vocal Range

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What is the biggest thing that stops a singer from increasing their vocal range?

The biggest thing is this. They use too much air when they go for their higher notes.

Think back to part one of this article where I talked about shortening the vocal cords as you move into your upper vocal register.

Now think about this…

If you have are using less vocal cord to sing on high notes, what else do you need less of?

You’ve got it. You need less air.

You use less air to sing high notes.

Which means that if you’re trying to blast your way into your upper register, you will probably never make it!

Ok, so now you know what happens when you move up through your bridges. And you know that you need to use less air as you sing higher notes.

This is a good start. Now let’s further this with some tips that will help you find a connection in your upper range.

Tip 1 To Increase Your Range

When you move up into your first bridge correctly, you must understand that you will loose most of the sensation that you feel in your throat.

This is a very important point.

It seems that you should feel sensation in your throat no matter what note you are singing right? After all, that’s where your sound comes from right? Well, this is not true.

This is the type of thinking that causes singers to “break” every time they go for a high note. They try and “hold onto that sensation” and this stops their vocal cords from making the correct adjustments.

What you need to do, is *allow* your voice to *let go* as you sing higher. When you do this correctly, it will actually feel like your voice has *lifted* into your head.

Second Tip For Increasing Range

Try singing on the word "Gug". Use a scale that takes you up past your "breaking point".

The word "gug" seems to have a quality that allows the voice to "release" as you sing higher. It stops you from “grabbing” at your voice, and releases you into your higher vocal range.

Some other words that are worth trying are:





Try singing with all these words and see which one allows your voice to *let go* and move into your upper vocal register.

When you find one that works, stick with it! Use it as a tool to get to know your higher range. When you know how to sing high notes easily with a certain word, then try a new word.

More Range Increasing Exercises

The best exercises for learning how to sing high notes can be found here. It's a vocal program that is based around exercises from the "Speech Level Singing" method.

Speech level singing is a vocal technique that teaches, singers how to sing with a large vocal range, great tone quality with the same effort as it takes to talk.

I highly recommend you check out these exercises by clicking here. It's the fastest and most effective way of learning how to sing high notes that I know of.

Click here to learn how to increase your vocal range

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