Learn How To Sing

Hi, I'm pretty sure your here to learn how to sing!

If that's the case, I'm here to help...

Before we get down to the nitty gritty though...

... Can I ask you a question?

Have you ever heard a singer that completely amazed you?

Have you thought to yourself, 'there is no way that I could sound that good'!

I used to hear these singers all the time. It was so intimidating!

But then i considered the possibility that these amazing singers may know something I did not....

Can Anybody Sing?

If you have a voice, you can sing.

After all, singing is basically sustained speech, using different pitches.

Lets change the question to "can anyone sing well"?

Of course, the answer does depend on the natural singing ability of the individual.

Despite this, if you learn how to sing with good technique, most voices are capable of singing very well indeed. You see, those singers that do incredible things with their voices, may not be too different to you or me. The big difference is the techniques they employ.

For example, I would say I have quite an average singing ability.

In my early days of singing, I struggled with things like singing range, tension in my neck, tension in my jaw, tone quality.

Pretty much everything most singers struggle with!

As I discovered correct technique though, things began to change....

Learn how to sing correctly

I began to lose the tension in my voice (especially when singing high notes).

My singing range more than doubled (this is no exaggeration. It is due to me discovering a connection to my upper range)

My tone quality dramatically improved.

I developed the ability to access my voice with absolute ease and freedom.

The strangest thing that happened is every note I sing feels the same in my mouth. There is no stretching or pulling to change the note or tone.

So how did this transformation occur?

I can tell you....it felt like a miracle!

But it wasn't a miracle at all. I have realized that most singers are bound more by lack of knowledge than lack of talent.

I had discovered a singing technique that allowed me to discover my real singing voice, allowing me to sing with freedom and wonderful tone.

This is the technique that I am going to show you on this site.

By doing some simple exercises we can teach our voices to engage the correct muscles for singing, while at the same time, dis-engaging the incorrect ones...

... The muscles that cause us all that tension and restrict our range etc...

Learn how to sing with the correct muscles.....and you can increase your range dramatically. With this technique I'm going to show you, my singing range increased by over an octave.

Let's continue...

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