Learn To Sing For Free Online With These Outstanding Exercises

I’d like to point you to some outstanding information that will show you how to learn to sing for free online.

Firstly, let me ask you a question…

Do you know how to hit an effortless high C where it feels like you are literally floating?

If you don’t, you are able to watch some simple exercises that will have a profound effect on your voice. Especially your ability to hit high notes with greater ease.

Before I tell you where you can view these exercises though, I want to tell you exactly why they are so effective.

You have tiny muscles that sit next to your vocal chords. These muscles are known your “inner larynx muscles”. It’s these muscles that control your vocal chords. These muscles are very important to singing. And if you can get these muscles working properly, you will notice a large improvement in your singing.

The thing is: most vocal training out there doesn’t effectively train these muscles properly. Most training actually causes the “wrong” singing muscles (namely your swallowing muscles) to interfere with your “inner larynx muscles”, which prevents them from functioning correctly.

When this happens, you feel tension when you sing. Your high notes become impossible. And your tone quality is only a fraction of what it could be.

Instead you need to train these “inner larynx muscles” to coordinate properly.

How can you do this?

Well, the exercises that I’m about to tell you about will do this automatically. All you need to do is practice them, and the work is done for you. Your “inner larynx muscles” will begin coordinating properly, and all of a sudden your singing will improve greatly.

Ok, onto the exercises.

Here's where you can learn to sing for free online...

Firstly, when you get to the website, scroll down the page and watch the videos that are mid way down. You will see some excellent singers talking about the singing training that is available from the website. Watch carefully, because there are many short snippets of these singers practicing exercises. Try these exercises for yourself.

Trust me, there is some gold in these videos if you pay attention.

The second resource is also on the same website. Look up the top and click on the link that says “free stuff”. Go through the signing up process. It will only take a second and the information you will get is well worth the effort.

Here's the page where you can learn to sing for free online... Among things you will get access to a free video that includes a male singer extending his vocal range by an octave using nothing but a few silly exercises that anyone can do.

Practice the exercises in this video and you won’t believe how much easier your singing will become.

If you want to get more serious about your singing, watch the free video series that is available from this page. I highly recommend it as it helped me improve my voice more than any other training I’ve tried. Click the blue link above and investigate these excellent lessons and learn to sing for free online.

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