Where Can You Learn To Sing Free?

There is a fantastic resource online where you can learn to sing free.

In a moment I’ll show you where it is, but first, let me tell you why I like it so much.

The vocal instructor who put this resource together is both well known, and well respected.

He is also a teacher who has learnt the methods of speech level singing.

Speech level singing is a method that shows you how to use your voice like a musical instrument. When you sing with the speech level singing method, you will be able to sing over a large vocal range (at least three octaves) with marvelous tone quality.

And the best part… every note in your range will be easy to hit.

Just like playing the piano, there is no difference in effort to hit the lowest note or the highest note. This is what happens with the speech level singing technique. Every note is produced with the same effort as it takes to speak.

The resource that you are about to access includes a excellent free online singing lesson video that demonstrates some speech level singing exercises. You will be amazed at how powerful these exercises are!

You will watch carefully as a male singer uses a peculiar exercise to increase his vocal range by an incredible amount. This has to be seen to be believed!

I’ll now show you where you can access this free resource.

You must…

  1. Click on this link to go to this page and learn to sing free.
  2. You will now be given access to the member’s area. In here, you can access the free online singing video that demonstrates these excellent Speech Level Singing exercises.


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