Is It Possible To Learn To Sing Online?

Yes.... You can learn to sing online. Or else I wouldn't bother writing this website. You see, online you can access some of the leading vocal instructors. World renowned experts who know how to make your voice work.

Online you can access the most effective singing technique.... speech level singing. This method, developed by world famous vocal instructor 'Seth Riggs' is the singing technique for the stars. Seth has instructed high profile singers such as Ray Charles, Michael Jackson and plenty more.

And it's obvious why his speech level singing technique is so popular. It's simply the most effective technique available.

It can take singers of average ability and turn them into confident, self reliant singers with rich tone and impressive, wide vocal ranges. The exercises involved in this technique are a one-way-road to voice mastery.

Before I decided to learn to sing online, I was confused about singing. I had tried many vocal instructors with little or no success. Actually, the techniques they taught made me develop some pretty bad habits....

Confusing instructions like "put your tone in your mask" and "bring your tone further forward", "breathe from the diaphragm". Lesson after lesson would pass, and my singing would sound the same.

And Then....The Answer!

When I came online for answers, I got a pleasant surprise! After weeding through the rubbish (and there is quite a bit) I met the virtual "Seth Riggs" and started reading about his technique. It all made sense to me, and I knew by his track record that this was not hype. (His book has the most testimonials I've seen, and all from famous singers!)

I got even more excited when I met Brett Manning, a famous Nashville vocal instructor, who was taught by Seth Riggs. I soon learned that Brett has taken the speech level singing technique and put it into a CD package.

Now, he didn't just whack a few scales on a CD and call it done. No.... He spent years on his singing success program. Perfecting it. Distilling the technique into a way that is so logical and easy to understand, even my cat could use it! Each lesson builds on the last, gradually building a voice of tone, range and power.

So does the program work?

......Indeed it does! It actually transformed my voice from something very average, into something I can be proud of! So... yes... you can learn to sing online. You too, can use the secrets that only the stars seem to know.

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"Learn To Sing Online"

It can be depressing when you try so hard to develop a really great singing voice. You practice over and over again, deserving results for your efforts, but receiving none. The barrier between an average singer and a good singer seems to be too hard to bridge, and giving up seems to be more of an option then ever. You turn online for answers, and find a lot of slick marketing and bold claims....

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