Two Highly Effective Lessons In Singing

I’d like to give you a few effective lessons in singing…


There are certain sounds that you can make with your voice that will cause your voice to react correctly for singing. This is great because one of the hardest things when your learning to sing, is it’s hard to tell if you’re doing things right.

With the following sounds you’re about to learn, your sound will automatically become “right” and “correct” for singing. Once you are making “correct” singing coordination, you’ve got a good foundation to build on. And from this foundation you can build a voice that has plenty of vocal range, control, and great tone quality.

Now the first sound I want you to make is called a “lip roll”. This is a strange “bubbly” noise which automatically balances your voice more than any exercise. Practicing this noise consistently will allow you to develop a magnificent voice very quickly. I believe there is no other singing exercise that is as effective as the “lip roll” at balancing your voice.

It is an incredibly effective lesson in singing…

To learn how to do the “lip roll” you can access a set of instructions that I’ve posted on this website. You can read these instructions by clicking here

Another great singing lesson, is to sing one of your favorite songs, but instead of singing it normally, replace every word with a whiny “Waaaaaa” sound.

Make this “Waaaaa” sound like you are a crying baby. When you make it whiny enough you will feel a great deal of tension “fall away” and your high notes will become much easier.

Another word to try which can work really well is the word “Mum”.

Try singing a song but replace all the words with “Mum”. When you sing each note, make your “Mum sound really dopey. This dopey noise will once again “force” your voice into correct posture and balance. You will be amazed at how easy singing will become when you find this balance.

If you’d like to hear some of these exercises (and a few more) in action, you can view them through an online video at this website. When you get to the website, click the “free stuff” link up the top of the screen.

After you sign up (which will only take a second and is well worth it) you will get access to an online video lesson in singing that shows how a male increased his vocal range by an octave, just by using some of the singing exercises (and a few others) that I’ve just discussed. You can view these lessons in singing now by clicking here

Practice these lessons often and you will see your voice improve at a fast rate. It took me years to find lessons in singing that would improve my voice to the way I wanted.

Before this discovery I found singing incredibly frustrating, as I would practice for hours on end with no noticeable improvement. After finding the correct training though, things changed dramatically. All of a sudden I discovered how to hit my high notes, and release my tone in a way that felt relaxed, and sounded magical.

If you are serious about developing an excellent singing voice I recommend that you also check out the course that’s available from the website with the free singing lessons. This course… the Singing Success audio package has hundreds of exercises that attack your voice in different ways.

When you practice these exercises, your voice is gradually released from all the vocal tension and you end up with a free flowing voice that sounds magnificent.

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