Music Singing Lessons That
Work Incredibly Well

Do you know which are the music singing lessons that will have the most impact on your voice?

There is a lot of singing instruction out there, but a lot of it is completely ineffective, because it doesn’t balance your voice in the right way.

Do you know what the biggest myth about singing is?

I’ll tell you in a moment, but first, let’s look at the ingredients that make good music singing lessons.

Firstly, they need to automatically balance the three important singing “systems” that your voice consists of.

These systems are, your air pressure, your vocal cord coordination, and your vocal resonance. When these things are balanced correctly, your voice will sound amazing.

So the singing lessons need to “teach” you how to balance these three things.

The good news is there are special singing exercises that will do this for you automatically. Your job is to simply practice the exercises and pay attention to the sensations you feel.

These sensations will be telling you what “correct” singing feels like, and will allow you to navigate through your voice easily.

Another thing that good singing lessons must do is allow you to sing in your full vocal range. 99% of singers are only using a small part of their “full” range. If you can learn to sing in your full vocal range, you will have access to very high and very low notes.

Every singer no matter how talented should be able to sing over 3 octaves, if you cannot currently sing in this range; than you need music singing lessons to show you how to access this range.

The way that this is done, is by learning to sing in all three of your vocal registers. Most singers only sing in one or two, which is why so many notes are being left on the table.

Your three vocal registers are your chest voice, your mixed voice, and your head voice. Your lower notes should be sung in your chest voice, while your higher notes can either be sung in your mixed voice (which has extra depth and power) or your head voice (a more classical sounding vocal register).

This brings me to the biggest myth in singing. Most singing teachers believe that the vocal range you have now is the vocal range you were born with. And you can only increase this range by a note or two.

This is bogus! I know this is a myth because I personally managed to increase my vocal range by well over an octave!

The thing is, once you find correct balance in your voice you will be able to sing in a large vocal range. And you will be able to do it easily. There is no straining or tension at all when your singing correctly. You simply open your mouth, and release your sound in an easy and effortless way…

So would you like to know about music singing lessons that will do all the things I’ve discussed in this article? I thought so!

This is the same training that added over an octave to my vocal range, and also greatly improved my tone quality, voice control, and much more.

If you practice these singing exercises regularly you will notice a big difference in a relatively short time. While some music singing lessons won’t improve your voice over a period of years, this will have you sounding like a new singer in a matter of months.

Many world class singers rely on this technique (as you will soon see). I guarantee that these music singing lessons will do more for your voice in a week than anything else you could try. So give it a shot!

You can learn about these singing lessons here.

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