my improvements

by Delfin T. Garcia
(Manila, Philippines)

I am Del Garcia a filipino. Good singers fascinate me but because videoke singing is readily available, I was able to try singing (although videoke singing is amateurish well I'm an amateur).

At first I can sing standard songs but when i shifted to songs with higher range, that's where I got the dilemma. But with constant practice gradually my voice range improved. I soon discovered that singing should not came from a tight throat, when singing both from lower to high notes I discovered that throat should be wide open always.

I take gradual practice when you reach for a high note don't tighten throat even going down to lower notes, in that case,your throat will always be ready to render again for a higher notes. Although, maybe I have to discover more techniques to sing higher that I can sing at present, because so high notes I can't still reach ( I am not a professional singer). But I was able to impress people with my range already. Breathing techniques I got not much knowledge about it.

Just a basic thing to recap, open throat always help a lot to reach high notes.Is just like maintaining something in your throat without swallowing.

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