My Third Tip

by Juliana Tracy Teoh Su Ling

Usually,many always think about breathing when singing.

Actually, it is better for you to think about your voice, how you want it to sound, soft, sweet, blending and also like Oprah singers voice and let your breathing take care of itself.

GET USED TO THAT. Just relax. Don't ever tense yourself. One thing I always know is that you better make sure that your throat,the swallowing muscles just above your voice box are not tense. For men,they have the ADAM'S APPLE CORE is not pushed inside.

For women,just make sure that you don't pushed your throat inside.When you relaxed your throat and never pushed it in,your voice will naturally come out and you will feel relax,more confident.

If you pushed your throat inside, you will feel stress and a sore throat that will eventually destroy your voice.If you want to sing high notes and you can't, try going to your Oprah singer voice.

It is strong(but not tense), vibrating and low. Remember always breathe but rather let your breathing take care of itself and you take care of your voice,think of it.

Now,I'll teach you to sing vibrato. Use all the breathing techniques I taught you and then use your air to empower your center stomach muscle. That is the vibrato muscle.

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