No Such Thing As Head Voice?

by From the Editor

I've been singing for two years now. My singing range is wider now, but it only seems to go lower. Whenever I try to sing a high note that implies using my head voice, no sound comes out of my mouth...its simply mute!

From The Editor

Thank you so much for your submission.

First of all, the thing that comes to mind is you may have a fair bit of interruption to your singing voice being caused by your swallowing muscles.

The fact that you can't even get a noise in your upper range suggests that there's a fair bit of blockage going on!

Never fear though, this can be overcome.

The first thing to do is to see if you can get some sound in your upper register.

Try this singing technique. Make a siren noise, as if imitating an ambulance in the distance.

Just keep really loose and have fun with it!

"Weeee" Weeeee" Weeeee"!

If you can get this noise happening, play with some other noises.

Try "Wooo" and "Waaaa".

The key is to just have fun and not tense up to much. Don't feel over attached to what happens.

The second singing technique you can do is place your thumb under your jaw as you're doing this. See if you can feel your jaw muscles tensing up as you make (or attempt to) make these noises.

If you feel a lot of activity, we have gotten to the bottom of your issue.

From here, practice the singing exercises in the video section of this website. As you practice them, keep your thumb resting gently under your jaw.

Try to make the noises without these muscles coming down too much.

As you do this you will be able to sing in a more relaxed state, and you will find the upper range you're after.

Above all, be patient with yourself! The upper vocal range is quite difficult for a number of singers in the beginning (Myself included).

Practice these singing exercises and with time you will begin to discover your upper range.

Enjoy the journey!

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Thanks for sharing your views. I think most of the singers are facing the same problem. All you need to keep doing practicing again and again. And you will get your results for sure.


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