Can Online Voice Lessons Dramatically
Develop Your Voice?

Seriously though... Can you really learn how to sing from online voice lessons?

The big problem about searching for information online is it's so anonymous. Anyone can pretend they're something they're not.

Anyone can proclaim themselves an "expert" in their chosen field. That is why it's wise to research for background information... proof that this person has had great success.

With online voice lessons it is no different. There are the pretenders, and also the knowledgeable experts who really care about you improving your voice.

Back to the initial question though... Can you really learn how to sing from online voice lessons?

I've come to the conclusion that yes, you can learn from a good set of online voice lessons. (I have actually managed to transform my voice!) Let me tell you why...

Vocal coach in a voice lesson

Firstly, learning to sing is a systematic process. By systematic, I mean that the singing process can be broken down into several 'easy to manage' steps.

For example, if I asked a beginner to sing an extremely high pitch with absolute ease, they would not know how to do it. But if they were trained with a systematic process to...

  1. Firstly, warm up the voice
  2. Secondly, learn to zip up their vocal chords, and sing high notes with a closed mouth
  3. After this, zip up their vocal chords on a high note with an open mouth, and whiny tone
  4. And finally, zip up their chords with a slightly offset larynx, to correct the awful, whiny tone.

At this point, they would be armed with the knowledge to hit the high note for me. Learning systematically is all about getting to know how your voice functions, and step by step, learning how to make it function at it's best.

This is why it is possible to learn from online voice lessons, instead of having a teacher right there to guide you. With great instruction, you can train your voice to function in its most efficient manner, right from the beginning.

This will completely avoid having to correct any vocal troubles, because you can bypass all of them by being taught correct singing technique in the first place.

This (correcting) was the most frustrating thing about all my private singing lessons. I would spend many lessons, just trying to correct my bad technique! It's important to learn to sing correctly from the beginning.

And with good online voice lessons, you will always know if you're doing the exercise correctly because...

  • You receive detailed instructions, teaching you how it should look, sound, and feel.
  • You can hear what it sounds like when it is being done correctly from the demonstrations.
  • And for the really good programs, if you run into any real problems, you can organize a lesson over the phone with an experienced instructor to help you through your problems.

For an average singer, great instruction is a must...

I am what you would call a singer of 'very average ability'. From my point of view, for an average singer to develop these two things...

  1. a great vocal range
  2. excellent tone quality

It is essential to have a vocal exercises instructor who knows exactly how to achieve these things. I tried for years to improve these things with very little success.

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