Are Private Singing Lessons The Answer?

Have you ever had private singing lessons?

I personally have been through four different singing teachers.

While my first two teachers gave me a good introduction to singing, I really didn't make the progress I desired. I would work hour after hour on the exercises they prescribed, with no real benefit.

"Give your tone more support" they would say. "Sing from your diaphragm", "move your tone further forward".

While these instructions may have valid meanings; I didn't know how to interpret and use them to assist my singing. They had me trying to concentrate on ten things all at once!

This just made things worse as I was so tense that I couldn't think, let alone sing! I kept wondering, are private singing lessons for me?


Is There A Better Way?

I knew that it didn't make sense that some people found singing so easy, while my singing was a complicated mess! So I began to research...

I came across a technique known as speech level singing. As the name implies, speech level singing allows us to sing with the ease at which we speak.

The technique is designed to teach the voice how to engage only a select few muscles....the correct singing muscles. As these muscles are developed, the voice naturally develops amazing range, tone, and intensity (volume), with almost no effort at all.

As with almost everything, learning to sing takes time, effort, and motivation. While speech level singing requires the same dedication and commitment, results are achieved almost immediately.

For example, when I began to study speech level singing, my range immediately increased by a whole octave. Before this I had spent years banging away at singing exercises that if anything, did more damage than good.

The beauty of singing correctly (speech level singing) is that your voice will just get better and better. You will never lose power or range as you get older. Each note in your range, from bottom to top, can be accessed with the ease of speaking.

This approach to me, seems far more appealing than the typical private singing lessons where you never seem to make the progress you desire.

Of course, not all private singing lessons are bad. If you happen to find a singing teacher that knows how to make your voice work, then stick with it.

These Teachers Are Hard To Find...

Unfortunately these teachers are hard to find. That's why it's so fortunate that world renowned vocal instructor such as Brett Manning and Seth Riggs have created vocal development programs....

....Now they know how to get any voice working!

Be a little wary of the traditional singing lessons. Ask yourself "am I improving at a rate that I'm happy with"?

It's not rude to politely stop private singing lessons with your teacher. They might be wonderful people, all my vocal instructors have been. They can probably sing like nothing else also...

But this is about your voice.....your time and effort. If they can not show you how to continually improve your voice, there may be some better options....

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