Problems With Singing High Notes

by Arben

I am 14 and used to sing high notes easily. I took a break from singing for a while and now i can not reach the high note anymore.

What's happening?!

From The Editor

Hi Arben. Thanks so much for your question.

What you're experiencing is what happens in just about anything you try to develop at.

For example, if you run every day and get pretty fast... and then give it a break and come back to it...

... You're going to need to work a bit to get up to your previous level.

It's the same with singing. It may just take some time and practice to rediscover the vocal coordination's you used to use to get the high notes.

If you put in a few decent practice sessions I'm sure you'll find your high notes again with a bit of persistence!

The other thing to remember is hitting high notes well is a sign of good technique.

If you're unable to hit them the way you want to, be sure to watch some of the videos on this website and brush up on your vocal technique.

When this falls into place you'll all of a sudden find it easy to hit your high notes with wonderful tone quality and perfect pitch.

Good luck with rediscovering your high notes. It's a journey I think you will enjoy and the pay off will be huge.

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